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Every business enterprise, be it a start-up, developing or established, is not complete without a reliable and efficient Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP). Qualitywebs is a safe destination for all businesses. We, Qualitywebs , have an excellent team in place, and we are committed to help our clients manage their business in the best manner possible. We at Qualitywebs provide you with the best Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Our team of expert developers produce the best quality Custom ERP Development software. The company moves forward in its field with the dual aim of better quality and easy accessibility. Our ERP Software Development Services include the formulation of highly and fully integrated modules for managing all aspects of your business, including your workforce, monetary, and manufacturing processes. Qualitywebs has proved to be the pioneer in its field by providing the best ERP Development Services to its clients in various areas, including Logistics, Finance, and Healthcare.

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Fully integrated and Customisable Modules for ERP Systems-

Inventory Management

Organising the stock flow, order flow, and takes care of products by providing enough staff for its management. It includes:

  • Stock Management- manages stocks at different locations from a single place.
  • Barcoding- to automate material and labour tracking and reduce errors.
  • Pricelist Management- creates and applies price lists.

Purchase Management

Takes care of everything ranging from procurement of products to updating of stocks.

  • Purchase Order- users can make a purchase order to a vendor with a list of items to be ordered
  • Product inward- users can track their inventory and receive timely updates regarding the same.
  • Vendor Management- -Users can easily manage the supplier and seller data.

Sales Management

Automates the sales process with efficiency, saves time, and helps in increasing profit.

  • Sales Process- manages stocks at different locations from a single place.
  • POS- Users can work offline and with existing hardware. Easy to set up and market
  • Sales Order- Users can use their customer service teams to improve efficiency

Warehouse management

Manages the inventory of the organization. Tracks the catalogue in different locations.

  • Inventory Control- manages the user’s company inventory activities, including purchasing, tracking, and reordering.
  • Product Transfer and Movement- It also manages the record of transfer of products when moved from place to place.
  • Dispatch and Delivery- Syncs the stats of dispatch and delivery of products.

Manufacturing Management

users can manage everything between manufacturing and importing, from generating orders to receipt of final products

  • Bill of Materials-It is a formally structured list for a manufactured product and lists all its specifications.
  • Manufacturing Order- Manages the work order.
  • Production Planning- Makes sure that the resources are made use to its fullest.

Quality Management

Manages the quality of products quickly and efficiently.

  • Quality Assurance- Setting benchmarks of various businesses and then reviewing it in a disciplined manner.
  • Quality Control- Sets the standard of quality and coordinates the workforce.
  • Batch Management- Includes the complete Logistics process, starting from procurement to sales.


Strengthens cooperation among the companies and clients involved. It helps in the optimization of services and the reduction of costs.

  • GPS tracking- Tracks sales executives and makes it easier for tracking the locations of retailers.
  • Product movement tracking- tracks the products when they are moved from one place to the other.


Data regarding the finances and accounts can be audited and kept at sync in the most accurate mode.

  • Finance-tracks payment records and instalments.
  • Reporting- Reports for business and product stock investments.
  • Forecasting- Users can avail the reporting and analysis features and can thus, track the sales of their business.

Human Resource Management

It helps in aiding the HR operations and enables time-saving measures to administer tasks and reduce costs

  • Payroll Management- Track the payment record of employees and other payments.
  • Attendance Records- Syncs and manages attendance.
  • Employee Management- The HR department can observe the conduct and improvement of employees.

Customer Relationship Management

Improves and develops relationships of trust with customers.

  • Support ticket- Provide timely assistance to customers after-sales. Offers the facility to get information about the service request.
  • Customer Management- Keeps the client circle engaged and connected.
  • Marketing- Keep track of campaigns through marketing techniques.

Company management

Defines the particular roles of employees and operate the module with ease.

  • Users- The admin can decide how many employees can make use of this system and provides tasks for them.
  • Tax- Taxes can be levied on different and single products with ease.
  • Location- Helps in keeping track of various locations.
  • Roles- Decides the roles of each employee.


Custom reports can be produced using this feature. It would enable an analysis of the current position of the company and allow you to take steps towards the better performance of your company. Accounting Reports analyse and evaluate the growth of the business using tools like sales, purchase, expense.

Benefits of having Custom Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares

ERP Sales Management Solution-

Managing the sales team is much more effective and secure because of the custom-made ERP software made available by us, the Maven Cluster. It is designed to ensure better efficiency.

ERP-Customer Relation Management-

Customers are given the highest priority in Maven Cluster, and we take extreme care in providing the best possible services to its customers through our seamless ERP platforms.

ERP-Production Management Solutions-

Maven Cluster provides the best quality product management process with its one of a kind product management and quality testing which will filter out any error in the process.

ERP-Finance Management Solutions-

The efficiency with whichMaven Cluster streamlines its process of financial management is with the aim of successful business objectives and achievements.

ERP-Supply Chain Management-

It is vital for any business to manage the supply chain and technological assistance from ERP applications fromMaven Cluster would make the process seamlessly secure and error-free

ERP-Human Capital Management (HCM)-

Human resource is the most valuable resource in the present time. The ERP solutions offered byMaven Cluster include the facility of human capital management, which enables much precise command of the workforce.

Why is Custom ERP software crucial for your business?

  • Workflow Management- Accelerates the business process across different areas and departments. Improves business processes, communication processes, and saves both time and money using the smart and efficient solution.
  • Human Resource Management- Enhances the productivity of employees by introducing capable human resource management software. They can improve cooperation, create and improve contracts and assign and manage schedules
  • Financial Management- Helps in generating comprehensive financial reports, but controls costs and revenues quickly. Check and monitor cash flow and manage accounts, all in the same place.
  • Inventory Management-- All the functions and facilities required for managing the stocks are available in the click of a button. Modules with all information regarding goods, delivery, and tracking are made possible by Maven Cluster.
  • Production Management- Production sites can be managed, and machines can be trouble assessed and working hours tracked with a simple solution which will save both time and effort through the ERP Development Services.
  • Customer Relationships Management (CRM)- Improves the service provided to customers through analysis and improved interaction with the customers and improves returns. Tracks customer lifecycles and increases customer retention rates.
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