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Building amazing mobile app which is popular enough and everyone’s cup of tea, is now a dream come true. Have you wondered how does it happen, what does it take, why it has to be different from other traditional serving app? Well… it is a wise choice to know what type of app it requires. Or habitually the only left choices between a native app or web app?

To start the process, you need to know about your requirements and requisite. Whether you want an app that has its icon and availability on app store- native apps or an app which gives its look and feel like a website- web apps. Or you need an app which gives pleasures like both of them that is hybrid app. Qualitywebs is an Indian based company which provides us Hybrid App Development Services. With highly assured team which do not compromise with their quality and delivers the app in a record time. The Qualitywebs companies have got the best offering in this competitive world.

Hybrid App Development allow developers to write code for a mobile app that can accommodate multiple platform. In this, the browser and its plug-ins run on the back end and are invisible to the end user. For innovative hybrid apps which are capable of empowering businesses one should know about the following:

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Hybrid Mobile App Development Services and Solutions We Provide:

Hybrid App Design-

Hybrid apps are designed using UI design. Hybrid App Development Company uses technologies you already know which includes JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS to design an app. An app that can perform enormous function and can meet up to developers requirements.

Hybrid App Development-

The hybrid app is a blend of both native app and web app. It has the functionalities of both these app and build a user friendly app with the latest flexible technologies. Hybrid Mobile App Development builds an app which can perform enormous functions on a single platform.

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Hybrid App Integration-

Hybrid app has the ability to function whether the device is connected or not. Hybrid Mobile App Development Services is combined to both mobile device’s file system and web based services. It has an embedded browser to improve access to dynamic online content.

Migration to Hybrid Frameworks-

Migration of other types of apps that includes native and web app to hybrid app is that this app is single coded and is platform independent. Here you can access native features like push notification, custom hardware integration, etc… from your hybrid mobile app.

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Hybrid App Testing--

  • Functional testing- Testing the app’s resources like camera, location, address book, etc… battery consumption and memory usage. Testing includes installation, screen orientation and gesture testing.
  • Compatibility testing- Test the app’s functionality on different devices.
  • Connectivity testing- Test with different types of connection. Also check it without the network connection.
  • Performance testing

Hybrid App Maintenance-

  • - Bug fixing and solving code errors
  • - Extension or modification of features
  • - Performance enhancement
  • - Adequate support at the operational level
  • - Application porting
  • - Support new devices
  • - App store management and reporting

Key Advantages of Hybrid Mobile App Development For Businesses

One-code Platform:

Hybrid apps are platform independent, these apps are organised, developed, tested, for once and can be deployed over multiple platforms. These code are once created in back end and work enormously on any operating systems.

Divergent plug-ins:

With the hybrid frameworks, you get access to divergent plug- ins that facilitate multiple hardware and software features for the app. This feature ensures that it is platform independent and can be deployed on any operating systems.

Rapid Development:

There is an assurance of rapid development as this approach simplifies the loads of work with fast and easy execution. Rapid development helps apps to run simultaneously side by side. This ensures us with its speed and programming capabilities.

Enhanced UX:

Hybrid App Development offers a consistent and flawless user experience across Apple, Android platforms. The light weight hybrid app UI helps in loading content and graphics quickly. It helps to improve adaptability across various platforms.

Cost-effective Development:

Cost plays crucial role in development of hybrid frameworks. In companies, advanced capabilities that includes detecting debugs and create implementing performance testing plans. For this cost factors matters a lot to fulfil all its requirements in the company’s budget. The company needs optimal performance at an effective cost.

Offline capabilities:

Usually, mobile applications face difficulties that arises due lack of offline facilities. It becomes challenge for the companies to deliver network connections to rural areas. One of the Hybrid App Development Services advantages, the offline accessibility feature helps overcome this challenge.

Why Choose Qualitywebs for Hybrid App Design and Development?

  • Seasoned developers- As we Hire Hybrid App Developer, they provide us with highly skilled developers with unmatchable certification. This way they ensure us with their efficient and hardworking team to create outstanding hybrid apps for your upcoming business.
  • Appealing UI and UX- As we require, a user friendly app. It is essential to build it simple and analyse the app requirements. The hybrid mobile apps should therefore be appealing and client convincing.
  • Latest technologies- We leverage modern methodologies and innovative technologies to create and customize hybrid apps that give the clients a competitive edge. Latest updates brings new flavour to the dish and prioritize the needs.
  • Core customer satisfaction- Our focus is completely on customer satisfaction, which is the reason we prioritize the needs and expectations of the clients and replicate them in our apps.
  • Secure app data- Hybrid App Development Company India, assures its customers with the secure data app which increase the ability of performance and maintains the confidentiality of the user data and information.
  • Seamless support- With our around-the-clock and seamless professional support and maintenance services that aspire to keep your app always up and running.
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