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With an ever-increasing web development applications and languages coming up, what it seems like, every other day now, the only one you need to know about it PHP and here's why. PHP is an open-source language which makes it cost-effective and reduces the obstacles for new website developers. With a new update as recent as January 21, 2020, it's now more diverse than ever and allows easy integration with different platforms. Even Facebook, a company with revenues exceeding $70 billion and the most powerful social media platform, uses PHP. With its simplicity and flexibility, creating a robust website is easier than ever. Businesses can also add more extensions on top of everything else to make it the best and most reliable option available.

PHP is an open-source and most popular scripting language. PHP offers exceptional functionality as compared to other web scripting languages.Qualitywebs is a leading PHP Development Company to deliver services budget-friendly across the globe. PHP is one of the oldest scripting language and most extensively used because of its versatile features. At Qualitywebs we work to deliver result-oriented PHP applications. PHP is a widely preferred choice for businesses to develop Web application solutions.

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PHP Development Services and Solutions We Provide:

Web Application Development

We build excellent web applications that are versatile, scalable and robust with our proficient web development team. Using server-side scripting technology PHP makes your system highly compatible. Our PHP web application development service makes application customized and productive according to business requirements

Web Services and API Development

We provide a secure data platform for web services and API. We work on public and private API to deliver faultless experience and integration of external API.

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Migration to PHP -

Our PHP migration experts help you in adopting the latest versions of technologies with more security and user experience We ensure reliable and transparent migration from current technology to PHP.

CRM and Portal Development Solutions -

From a single-page website to large scale business solutions we build the solution to add value to our services. We deliver solutions for business and web portals as per requirements. Our fast and efficient CRM development service ensures to provide the best solutions according to your business needs.

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Ecommerce Development

We discover appropriate PHP solutions for custom e-commerce development services to help you grow on the Web. We have experience in developing robust and high-performance online web stores based on PHP for our global clients

Custom PHP Development

We have experience of delivering customized web applications by using integrated and dynamic PHP solutions. Using PHP development tools, we customize web services to synchronize your business value with web applications.

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Content Management System

We deploy an efficient CMS development services to build a powerful and highly functional website that aligns with your business strategy.

Key Advantages of PHP Development For Businesses

Cost Effective

PHP is an Open Source language as it is implemented on the server-side. Being an open-source platform PHP development process is less costly as compared to other scripting languages. No license required to implement PHP on the server.

Easily Extensible and Well Documented

With feature-rich PHP, you can develop extensible IT projects and also organize the iterative development process. PHP provides inbuilt features of code documentation and transparency. PHP software is easily maintained and updated.

High Speed and Secured

PHP is a highly efficient scripting language support range of databases that helps in high-speed API integration. It helps in building search engine friendly website which runs smoothly on the various platforms with a secured and stable interface. PHP provides various frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, Zend each having different functionality and offers fast and secure web development. PHP offers multi-level security that prevents malware and threats.

Platform Independent

PHP is platform-independent and can run across various operating systems like Windows, Linux. It is a weakly typed language, developed and supported by a large community. With its dynamic nature, you can leverage the current structure with minimum cost.

Database Flexibility

PHP provides flexible database connectivity. It can connect to a server like MySQL. Database connectivity makes the system less time-consuming. The biggest advantage of PHP development services is versatility and flexibility. PHP is highly appreciated by web developers.

Interactive and Easy to Learn

PHP is easy to learn and does not require much knowledge of web technology. PHP is preferred for cross-platform applications as it supports most of the servers like Microsoft IIS, APACHE, Caudium. It can smoothly fulfill the integration requirements. In order to create enhanced websites, PHP helps in adding visualization interfaces and a combination of webpages.

Why Choose Qualitywebs for PHP Design and Development?

  • Customer-centric solutions- We use a customer-centric model for the efficient delivery of products. Our developers follow the coding standard to maintain high-quality service. Understanding the clients’ requirements we deliver customized and flexible business solutions.
  • Dedicated team of experts- We have hand-picked PHP developers having excellent logical and technical skills. We offer a dedicated team of PHP developers to our clients to build focused and reliable web solutions. Our developers are continuously up-skilled and trained for the latest technologies.
  • Responsive and Security-focused Web Design- With the advancement in PHP we create responsive web design using its multiple functionalities with extensive library support. We assure secure web applications to over clients and also update applications to the latest technology.
  • Quick Delivery- We are committed to our deadline and our team reports daily to the clients about the updates and always open for the feedback to ensure the best quality of service.
  • Maintenance and Support- We offer 24×7 support and maintenance of your PHP projects with our experienced PHP developers. We believe in 100% client satisfaction and offer support and up-gradation services to our clients after the delivery products.
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