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Learning Management System

Qualitywebs learning management system (LMS) is a product application for the organization, documentation, tracking, reporting, robotization, conveyance of instructive courses, preparing projects and learning of advancement programs. Our learning of the board framework idea is developed straightforwardly from e-Learning.

LMS Services That We Offers

Customized – Cost Effective LMS Solution

Completely Customizable white-name LMS with interminable Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), in light of open-source robust Moodle-based design.

Responsive LMS

Our talented bunch of LMS developers have an understanding of making your learning courses mobile responsive. This ultimately ensures that a large target can view them.

Live Chat Option LMS

The time has come to set your ROI rates in real life by changing your LMS into an eCommerce cash agitating stage. When the asset is prepared, sell the substance.

LMS Administrative Services

Complete start to finish LMS organization and day-to-day administration of your LMS.

Features we can implement in an LMS

To get an ROI and build a better business case within your organization, it's essential to prepare when sourcing the best Learning Management System vendors. For Learning and Development benefits, find a platform with the following features of an LMS:

LMS Integrations

Having an LMS that consistently incorporates different frameworks which empowers L&D pros to enhance student data with important course culmination information.

Data Tracking

Learning experts' capacity to follow a student's excursion using put away information causes them to see better how the courses and students play out, all in a similar spot..

Personalized User Experience

We ensure that students will have an excellent experience when accessing courses and modules. It is crucial that our LMS is attractively designed and interactive. Therefore, our LMS furnishes users with a personalized user experience that is relevant and meaningful.

Offline Learning Trackers

To bring this offline learning back online, an LMS ought to permit L&D geniuses to catch disconnected appraisal results. This should be possible through electronic record creation.

Automated alerts and notifications

LBy sending auto-cautions to students about their preparation cutoff times or telling mentors on a client's consumption rates, an LMS can give the perfect individual input at the ideal time.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

ILT sessions are beneficial for instructors not only because they provide the classroom-type experience but also because ILT sessions can be grasped at a virtual place.s


Gamification helps in motivating students by integrating leaderboards and rewards providing a gaming environment in a learning way.


By our Learning Management System, an instructor now tracks real-time analytics of students and can help in their weak areas.

Speech Processing

Noise can be a serious problem in e-learning. But, our highly qualified developers have developed a learning management system that provides seamless clear audio.

Mobile Version

It is as convenient as it sounds. A mobile version of the learning management system makes 24/7 learning accessible. It helps learners with a fixed schedule.

Compliance- SCORM, Xapi, LTI, GDPR

SCORM is a technical term which makes E-learning easy and simple. These protocols work in a manner to track learning-related performance and activities.

Video Assessments

Our highly qualified developers have made a software that also lets an educator or instructor do video assessments with the students and can track the progress.

Social Learning And Notification

Social learning is continuing to grow in importance in the field of learning as well as E-learning. The Learning Management System supports social learning and notifications effectively.


Quizzes help an instructor to track the progress of learners whether they are doing good or struggling with the help of Weekly Quizzes.

Task Automation

Learning Management software is a fully automated online learning software, An instructor doesn’t need any programming knowledge to set up. All the tasks, worksheets, calculations, results are now automated.

Benefits Of Implementing LMS For Your Organization

Regardless of whether you are stressed over your corporate preparing plan's expense or how to give association and adaptability, an LMS will typically have all you require. So, let's look at some of the most significant benefits of using a Learning Management System (LMS).

Creating Engaging And Interactive Courses

Instructors can blend relevant videos, pictures, text, and audio from various sources on web-based learning.

Effective Learning Assessment

Educators who utilize a Learning Management System can, without much of a stretch, add tests and tests to their course easily and quickly.

Easy Learning Content Management System Customization

Learning Management Systems make it exceptionally simple for trainers to refresh existing substances or add new meanings in a brief timeframe.

Conservation Of Time And Money

Learning the board framework offers adaptability and can be conveyed to the representatives and understudied as per their comfort.

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Why You Should Hire Qualitywebs For LMS Development

Qualitywebs offers a centralized location to store your course content, empowers you to share content over various areas without any problem. Likewise, an incorporated Learning Management System with relatable onboarding substance can make it simpler for recently recruited employees to meet their beginning phase objectives.

A Learning Management System that interfaces your learners to your association's specialists is imperative. Social learning helps workers extend their insight base by cultivating communications between partners. This sort of training draws in the recently recruited employees in your organization, which is fundamental to keep up. A Learning Management System with gamification highlights will help impart a feeling of achievement in your workers, hence persuading them to learn.

How We Work- Common Steps For LMS Development

Gather An Imple- Mentation Team

At the point when you are arranging a change to another LMS, guarantee you are permitting yourself sufficient opportunity to take a shot at the usage. Dispensing the correct assets, time span, and financial plan is basic for your prosperity.

Define expectations and learning objectives

There might be numerous reasons why you chose to actualize another LMS: cost reserve funds, availability alternatives, improved highlights, better help, the rundown goes on.

Address Technical Challenges

If you utilize an LMS, you should relocate your current information to the new LMS. IT specialists from your organization and your LMS supplier should be associated with discussing how the information will be moved.

Plan Your Data Migration

Before relocating the entirety of your current preparing information and courses, consider whether some ought to be chronicled somewhere else or even erased. The more information you relocate, the additional time it will take. Check with your IT and lawful offices for direction.


Relevant Frequently Asked Questions On LMS Development

  • What does a learning management system do?

    Learning the board framework (LMS) is planned explicitly to make, convey, and oversee instructive substance conveyance. The LMS can be facilitated as an independent item on the organization worker, or it very well may be a cloud-based stage facilitated by the product firm.

  • What makes a good LMS system?

    A decent LMS interface is natural and easy to use, whoever the client is. It should rush to learn. All things considered, a progression of seminars on the most proficient method to take a class is not really how people and associations need to invest their time, energy, and assets. Usability is an unquestionable requirement to have LMS included for everybody.

  • Why do we need a learning management system?

    The Learning Management System lets you store all your content in one place, diminishing the danger of losing fundamental information, and in any event, putting together a direct errand. Each eLearning supervisory group part or different clients can get to data, information, or whatever else through the distributed storage framework.