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School Management System

Qualitywebs School Management System offers Many Characteristics that help to intensify the performance of schools with slightest efforts. Qualitywebs School Management software not only does operate and control administrative activities automatically but also avoids the manual paper works. Our Highly qualified developer has designed and implemented the smart school management system software that does right from tracking student’s attendance all the way to providing different modules like academic module and financial module just a name of few.! We are an ideal School Management System as we aim to polish the overall productivity of the organization by our best school management software, High Speed, outstanding features and modules like CRM, biometric RFID attendance & timetable and Learning Management System.

School Management System Features, We provide

Student Information System

Having a Student Information System not only helps in managing students data but also seamlessly provides capabilities for registration of students.

School Fee Management

Our Highly qualified developers have made software that not only provides the facility of issuing fee receipts but also come up with generating due fees reports.

Email, SMS, Chat, Notification

Most Vital module of our School Management System is 24/7 service. With this module, we aim to connect Students, Parents and faculties.

Examination and Result Management

Our School Management System works cautiously to provide error-free results, unbiased and quicker than a human.

ID Card Generation

By just pressing a single button of print, Our smart School ERP works flawlessly to provide either horizontal or vertical ID Cards.

Attendance, Calendar and Timetable

Our professional school management system plans and schedules all the records and publishes, resulting in a seamless workflow.

Financial Accounting

Entire audit process which takes months to complete can be completed in some minutes now.

Payroll Management

Without any planning or scheduling, with just a single click you can process salaries of all your employees with so much ease.

Staff Information Management

Record of staff leaves, allowance, PF, deduction, Teacher’s Syllabus? The advanced School Management System does it all without any human error.

Library Management

Due to Automation and inbuilt ‘Organized Fashion’ features the software outperforms a human librarian. Barcode integration or fine receipts, It will always get the job done.

Bus Transport and GPS

We aim to connect parents, students and faculties together, With our Real-Time Bus tracking system we connect Parents, students and transport system effectively.

Hostel Management

Hostel name, Hostel location, Room facility, Room allocation, room availability, room shifting? With SMS a school can now track all the records hassle-free.

Inventory Management

Maven cluster’s School Management System comes with an inbuilt asset tracking tool which allows you to track the status.

Multi-Branch & Franchise Management

The franchisers can have a vast view of their franchises in a single screen with all the necessary details about individual branches.

Benefits of Implementing SMS for Your Organization

Liquidity between parents and the wards

Parents have the advantage to track and monitor their wards from time to time. Not only that but they can also track the advances of the current season

Reduction of Workload

With our highly advanced ERP module teachers can send messages, Keep a track of records, and maintain attendance with ease. This reduces workload and saves time.

Operational Advantage

Our highly advanced software works on low-cost maintenance, Provide automatic operations, Track records and never makes an error in payments.

Why You Should Hire Qualitywebs For SMS Development

By joining us you will not only get a young team of highly professional software developers but also you will be getting 24/7 Support by our expert team. We put efforts to make the institution SMART irrespective of small, Big, Rural or Urban. We are here for you and that is what matters. You just need to make the first move and then rest is assured, We will get the job done.

Our young team of highly professional developers are committed to providing you with the seamless experience you need to make your institution SMART, We work and aim to connect Students, Parents and faculties.

How We Work- Common Steps For SMS Development

Gather An Imple- Mentation Team

Our Highly educated young team will be there to help you integrate your smart school management system just after you make the first step. We guarantee assurance and delight that you won’t regret.

Define expectations and learning objectives

Let us work together to take your school at the top of the world. The flexibility of a cloud-based solution is exceptional and we bring exceptional things into reality.

Address Technical Challenges

We provide you with a ready to go software that does not need any server set-up but we promise to provide you with an easy solution. Therefore, Our young team of software developers should be associated with you to let your staff understand the things easily.


Relevant Frequently Asked Questions On SMS Development

  • What does a school management system do?

    School Management System provides vital features that not only enhance the working of an institution but also aim to avoid manual paper, Human error and workload. A school management system allows an educator to track, record, schedule and publish different kinds of documents with just one click. Thus, reducing paperwork and headache.

  • Why do we need a school management system?

    It is always better to persuade parents about their child’s safety. And to get the most out of faculties it will be good to reduce their workload and their paperwork time by implementing the School Management System. School authorities are trying really hard to make their school a smart place to be but in today’s engaging world it is a difficult task. The software provides a range of features and service, right from solving financial burden all the way to removing human error.